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Debate: A Biblical Unitarian Debate  [55 pages]
by Danny Dixon vs. Marc Taylor rated at 1.9 (9 votes so far)

What follows is a private written debate conducted at the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry website ( June 22, 2006 to October 10, 2006 between Trinitarian Marc Taylor and Christian Strict Monotheist Danny Andre' Dixon. The points addressed are limited, but were thorough in the points that were covered. The formal debate allowed approximately 2500 word per constructive or rebuttal presentation, although the disputants did not always use all of their space. The schedule for arguments proceeded as follows:

Unitarian Introduction
Trinitarian Introduction

Unitarian 1st Constructive
Trinitarian 1st Constructive
Unitarian 2nd Constructive
Trinitarian 2nd Constructive
Unitarian 3rd Constructive
Trinitarian 3rd Constructive

Unitarian 1st Rebuttal
Trinitarian 1st Rebuttal
Unitarian 2nd Rebuttal
Trinitarian 2nd Rebuttal

Unitarian Conclusion
Trinitarian Conclusion

The debaters can be reached for comment as follows: Marc Taylor (, Danny Andre' Dixon (

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Debate: Open Discussion on the Trinity
by Faircloth and Gaston vs. Fox and Halls [170:46]
rated at 2 (out of 8 votes)

The Biblical Unitarian Society at the University of Southampton, UK, has hosted a debate on the Trinity. The debate occurred on June 16th, 2008. Representing the trinitarian side were two Anglicans, Prof. Keith Fox and Chris Halls both from Highfield Church. The two biblical unitarians that participated in the debate were Ray Faircloth of Restoration Fellowship and Thomas Gaston, a Christadelphian. The debate lasted nearly three hours and is available now online in both audio and video formats.

Program Timetable
Introduction by Michael Ng [5 min]

Opening Statement by trinitarian Chris Halls [20 min]
Opening Statement by unitarian Thomas Gaston [20 min]
Opening Statement by trinitarian Prof. Keith Fox [20 min]
Opening Statement by unitarian Ray Faircloth [20 min]

Rebuttal by trinitarian Chris Halls [5 min]
Rebuttal by unitarian Thomas Gaston [5 min]
Rebuttal by trinitarian Prof. Keith Fox [5 min]
Rebuttal by unitarian Ray Faircloth [5 min]

Q&A [approx 45 min]

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