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Calling Christians Worldwide to Return to the Creed of Jesus

Commentary on 1 John 4.1-3  [3 pages]
by John Schoenheit, Mark Graeser, and John Lynn rated at 1.0 (5 votes so far)

Many Christians use the above verses in an attempt to prove that one must believe that Jesus is God in order to be saved. We assert that this is not at all what the verses are saying. To understand them, it is most important that we read what is written, and not add our interpolation to the text. Then, to really understand why they were written the way they are, we must understand the cultural context in which they were written, as well as the overall context of 1 John itself.

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These books, written by people from diverse backgrounds, express the simple truth that God is one. Some of them are more scholary while others are more autobiographical. In addition, a few of them are available to read online. If you would like more in depth treatment of christian monotheism, these books are the next step to take. Note: if you know of other books, not listed here, please leave us feedback.

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Responding To Trinitarian Claims About Jesus
by Ray Faircloth [18 pages]
rated at 1.6 (out of 6 votes)

The doctrine of the Trinity states that God is 3 persons in one nature; but the theory of the hypostatic union states that Jesus was one person with 2 natures – one divine and the other human. This is a contradictory position. If the 3 persons of the Godhead are one nature and Jesus’ 2nd nature, when he was on earth, is combined with it then God has 2 natures. And yet they are supposed to be one nature if Jesus was actually God. This would also mean that the entire Godhead was present on earth when Jesus was on earth.

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