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Calling Christians Worldwide to Return to the Creed of Jesus

Jesus is the Prototype and Agent of the New Creation  [9 pages]
by Ray Faircloth rated at 1.0 (5 votes so far)

The first thing to hold in mind is that only Yahweh was the creator of the Physical universe as shown from the Scriptures in the previous study. There are another half dozen Scriptures that also state that only Yahweh was the creator of the universe and dozens more which imply the same. However, a number of Scriptures directly inform us that Jesus is the creator of ‘the new creation’ inasmuch as his sacrifice reconciles humans to God and the new creation is the point of focus in Isaiah 51:16 which the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (WBTS) of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Word Biblical Commentary, and the Fausset Commentary all recognize as applying, not to the Genesis creation, but to Messiah and the new heavens and earth.

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These books, written by people from diverse backgrounds, express the simple truth that God is one. Some of them are more scholary while others are more autobiographical. In addition, a few of them are available to read online. If you would like more in depth treatment of christian monotheism, these books are the next step to take. Note: if you know of other books, not listed here, please leave us feedback.

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On the Errors of the Trinity
by Don Snedeker [12 mp3s]
rated at 3.3 (out of 15 votes)

A thorough consideration and refutation of the doctrine of the Trinity. Originally released as 12 tapes but now available on mp3, this series examines the doctrine of the Trinity proposition by proposition. Not only is this series approached from a biblical perspective, Don Snedeker also taps into the rich biblical unitarian resources of several authors from the 19th century. Furthermore, Don works through a number of texts typically used to support the Trinity and he demonstrates their true meaning based on their context. Click on the audio icon above to see the titles for each of the 12 mp3s in this comprehensive examination.

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