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The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament  [53:34]
by Jesse Acuff rated at 1.3 (7 votes so far)

Repeatedly, the very church that insists that the Holy Spirit is a distinct "person," and the third member of the Holy Trinity, contradicts itself when it states the unadulterated truth. If the Spirit of God was not a person in the Old Testament, it is not a person in the New Testament, and therefore not a member of a so-called Holy Trinity! God does not change to suit the whims and fanciful imaginations of men be they pagan or Christian. There is neither variableness nor shadow of turning with the great Creator God of this universe. However, if there were, and if God, at some point decided that He should become a Trinity on a lark in order to satiate pagan man's inordinate desire to worship Him as such, where is the proof? Such a God would not be deserving of worship. Where indeed can we find in the pages of the Bible during the period between the close of the prophetic age of the Old Testament and the opening of the Messianic age of the New, a clear and precise message calling for a change in the number of the members of the Godhead? We cannot, for there is none.

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Responding To Trinitarian Claims About Jesus
by Ray Faircloth [18 pages]
rated at 1.6 (out of 6 votes)

The doctrine of the Trinity states that God is 3 persons in one nature; but the theory of the hypostatic union states that Jesus was one person with 2 natures – one divine and the other human. This is a contradictory position. If the 3 persons of the Godhead are one nature and Jesus’ 2nd nature, when he was on earth, is combined with it then God has 2 natures. And yet they are supposed to be one nature if Jesus was actually God. This would also mean that the entire Godhead was present on earth when Jesus was on earth.

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