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Calling Christians Worldwide to Return to the Creed of Jesus

the purpose of exists in order to promote the fearless pursuit of truth concerning God and Jesus from a biblical and historical perspective. Christian monotheists (also called biblical unitarians) believe that Jesus must be taken seriously when he says that his Father is the only true God (John 17.3). This website promotes the simple truth that "God is one" by providing free articles, mp3s, and videos.

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Five Problems with the Trinity

our resource center

Since this is the information age, and we passionately want to see this message spread as far as possible, all of our media items are offered completely free of charge for download. Furthermore, we encourage you to make copies and distribute these mp3s, articles, and videos as much as you like. So far we host  373 media items. If you go to no other part of the site, make sure you stop by our resource center while you are here.

our approach to discovering truth

Here at we are committed to the veracity and reliability of Scripture, yet we recognize that our interpretation of the Bible may differ from what God intended. Pursuing truth begins with intellectual humility--recognizing that one might be wrong about his or her current beliefs. Truth should not be feared but rather embraced even if it causes distress. We must be open on matters of faith and willing to hear the other side of the argument. Furthermore, since each of us is capable of making mistakes, we believe it is best to work out our theology in community where others can critique and contribute. Questing for truth is exciting and worthwhile because, as Jesus said, "the truth will set you free" (John 8.32).

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we affirm

  • that the Bible, both Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, are inspired and true
  • that God is a singular individual named Yahweh (the Father of Jesus)
  • that Jesus was miraculously begotten by God in the womb of the virgin Mary
  • that Jesus could have sinned but instead chose to consistently obey the will of his Father in every situation
  • that God was at work in his Messiah in an unparalleled way such that Jesus was empowered to do many miracles
  • that Jesus is God's supreme agent and thus may be called God because he represents him
  • that Jesus died for our sins, was resurrected from the dead, ascended into heaven, and will return to judge the living and the dead
  • that the holy spirit is the means by which Father and Son are able to be present in the world even though they remain in heaven
  • that tens of thousands of singular pronouns mean that God is a singular individual

we deny

  • that belief in the Trinity is necessary for salvation
  • that Jesus had to be God in order for his death to pay for the sins of the world
  • that salvation has anything to do with consenting to unintelligible creeds
  • that it is possible to be both God and human at once
  • that it is possible to be immortal and yet die for the sins of the world
  • that it is possible to be omniscient and yet not know the day or hour of one's return
  • that one can be begotten and yet have no beginning
  • that the holy spirit is a distinct individual from the Father and the Son
  • that truth is determined either by how many people believe it or by how long it has been a cherished belief
  • that Jesus believed in the Trinity since he agreed with a non-trinitarian scribe on who God is by confirming the central creed of Judaism: The Shema
  • that the thousands of references to "GOD" in the Bible ever mean a Triune God
  • that we know it all

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